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The Torre de Gomariz Hotel is inserted in Gomariz house, where  the Canon of the Cathedral of Braga and King Dinis counter, Estevão Durão Esteves lived in the thirteenth century. 

Acquired in the early twentieth century by the family of the current owners, this set of buildings is one of the most interesting medieval and sixteenth century traces of noble deployment in the area immediately north of Braga. 

The importance of Gomariz house in the regional context, and the continued references to their status as property linked to the chapel of Santa Luzia the Braga Cathedral are indicators that allow us to suppose the existence of a primitive prime housing. 

The Tower was built in the late fifteenth century by Pedro da Cunha. Stylistic similarities were identified between the gargoyles Tower and apse of the Manueline Braga Cathedral and Tower of the collegiate of Guimarães. Though quite ruined before the works that led to this Hotel, there were still many elements that allow characterize it. Quadrangular section, stands on four different floors outside by openings totaling about 12 meters high, with the crown made by cornice line which rests one battlements desk composed of sharp merlons. In angles, keep up the boulders and the gargoyles, which sometimes are shaped cannon, now have zoomorphic motifs. At the penultimate level floor, the window is flanked by two arms of stones, one of which da Cunha family. The ultimate floor, considered the most noble, is lit on all four sides with double windows fitted with mullion, but ripped in a single block. 

After consummation of the sixteenth-century makeover, or simultaneously with this,a longitudinal building it was attached to the tower, with two floors, which follows the symmetrical arrangement of the lower floors of the tower.

Baroque campaign monumental ensemble made yet part of the initiative the fifth wall and the construction of a chapel, associated with the gate of the property. Of rectangular plan, with single nave and chancel integrated in the body, it is a small main facade Temple of single cloth, between mighty stone pillars-corners in turn topped by disproportionate pyramidal pinnacles. 

All this set of medieval buildings was now complete object of restoration, which complemented with new, modern buildings restores his nobility and grandeur that had in the past.

 in the past.

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