Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa HotelTorre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel

Ritual Massages

Gomariz Inspiration (60 '| € 70.00)

Inspired by our vineyards and designed especially for you. In this massage we apply grape oil, performing specific relaxation maneuvers that favor the relief of muscle tension caused by tiredness and day-to-day stress.

Senses Candle Massagem (60 '| € 80.00)

A true aromatic sensation provided by a warm thread of candle balm, completely with delicate and relaxing movements that leave the skin smooth, fragrant and hydrated.

Two Touches (50 '| € 100.00) - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, we inform you that it is temporarily unavailable.

Allow yourself to live a sensory experience through four-hand massage. Synchronized movements provide unparalleled mental relaxation.

Hot stone massage (75 '| € 85.00)

Enjoy the sensation of volcanic stones at a pleasant temperature placed in specific energy points, offering absolute relaxation and comfort, to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and rebalance your energies.

Tired Legs (30 '| € 40.00)

Designed to give you a feeling of vitality and lightness. We apply movements that stimulate blood circulation so that there is an immediate relief of the feeling of "weight" in the legs and feet.

Therapeutic Massage (40 '| € 50.00)

Massage located on the neck and back areas for gradual recovery of the affected area. The specific neuro-muscular maneuvers and digital manual pressure used by the therapist help prevent or treat musculoskeletal problems.

Romantic Luxo Massagem - Duo (60 '| € 130.00)

Unique moment for couples in a calm and romantic environment. This massage is performed with hot and aromatic oil, feel the movements firm and invigorating in this experience for two.

Green Wine Massage (50 '| € 60.00)

Special for those who like sports. It brings together more intense, fast and powerful techniques, preparing and recovering muscle fibers before and after physical exercise.

Pindas (75 '| € 110.00)

Chinese therapy consisting of small tissue bags that contain aromatic herbs, sea salt and essential oil inside previously heated to a pleasant temperature. Its application induces immediate relaxation, combats stress and rebalances all your energies.

Grape Cure Ritual (120 '| € 135.00)

Grape Cure is the perfect combination for you. Clean and renew your body with an exfoliation with grape seed extract, followed by a complete massage with our Uvaslim nourishing cream, and the face treatment with a "Beauty Flash", which will give you back all your beauty.

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