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Facial Treatments

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, we inform you that they are temporarily unavailable.

Kianty Facial Detoxification (90 '| € 100.00)

Conquer a radiant skin with a deep cleansing, grace to the mild sauna effect that causes the Mousse Thermal all'Uva, facilitating the extraction of black spots. The products associated with the treatment with polyphenols of a grape help to restore vitality to your face.

Kianty Anti- Aging Treatment (55 '| € 95.00)

Recommend it for skins with signs of aging, which require specific care. The kianty line offers all the essential nutrients for the rejuvenation of your skin. In this treatment, the Bacco and Venere mask is also applied, which will give you the necessary firmness and hydration, leaving your skin looking young and invigorating.

Deep Hydration Treatment (55 '| € 75.00)

Deep, nourishing and powerful treatment suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. The use of a mask made of grape polyphenols and vitamin E, will restore the entire hydraulic balance of your skin, leaving it with a healthier appearance.

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