Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa HotelTorre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel

Body Treatments

Il Sale and L'Uva Exfoliation with Hydration (60 '| € 75.00)

Renew yourself with a deep body cleansing based on fine salt, helping to remove dead cells, followed by intense hydration to rebalance your skin's health.

All'Uva Exfoliation and Hydration with Massage (90 '| € 95.00 )

Treat and renew your skin with a deep exfoliation based on grape seeds, followed by gentle hydration and massage designed for immediate relaxation. Perfect combination for you.

Sea-Relax Back (45 '| € 65.00)

Treatment located on the back, which includes a fine salt scrub to move skin impurities, followed by the application of a Thermal Mousse all'Uva at a pleasant temperature, which provides immediate and profound relief of local muscle tension.


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